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Windows Phone 7 Development


Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is a mobile operating system (OS) developed and launched by Microsoft in October, 2010. Distinct from its predecessor Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 is focused on consumer market rather than enterprise market. WP7 has its unique UI (user interface) of tiles system instead of icons, which separates and moves it one step ahead of its competitors iOS (iPhone Operating System, also known initial Operating System) and Android. Undoubtedly, WP7 supports numerous applications and games; correspondingly demand of Windows Phone 7 Development was obvious.

For software development companies offering services in mobile development, it was clear to go for offering solutions in Windows Phone 7 Development. However, the companies with accredited with Microsoft Gold Certificate will get the upper hand advantage. The reason is quiet simple as these companies will be well-verse with all the software technologies and frameworks offered by Microsoft. Moreover, for the process of WP7 Development it is essential to have good sound of knowledge on the technologies such as:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Microsoft.NET
  • Microsoft ASP.NET
  • C#
  • XAML (Extensible Application Mark-up Language)
  • XNL (Extensible Name Language)

Almost all of these software languages and frameworks are offered by Microsoft, and the software companies with MS Gold Certification are obviously thorough with these. Furthermore, we all know that for the development on any given technology or in other words for the development on any mobile technology, whether it is Symbian OS, iOS, Android OS or WP7 it is essential to have the knowledge curve of the SDK (Software Development Kit) of the respective OS/ technology. The above mentioned software languages could be considered as the part of Windows Phone 7 SDK. The blend of these technologies allows both the developers and the software development companies to develop almost any apps or games, falling under the category of Windows Phone 7 development.

However, for the stakeholder there might be a question in mind that why to opt for WP7 Development? Well, the answer is quiet simple. WP7 is one the fastest growing mobile platform, just like iPhone and Android its demand is increasing on a rapid pace. That’s not all as already mentioned earlier that WP7 supports numerous applications and games, and could circumscribe almost every needs of business and an individual in terms with the custom applications. In fact, WP7 Development could provide you the solutions such as:

  • Navigational Apps
  • Contact Management System
  • Custom Speed Dial Apps
  • Industry/ business specific apps
  • Inventory Management
  • MIS Tracking
  • Accounting Apps
  • PDF Reader
  • Online Catalogs
  • Digital Signage solutions
  • News and Weather apps
  • And much more…

Moreover, Microsoft has already announced that WP7 will be able to support Flash 10.1 and Multi-tasking. WP7 already supports HTML5 and these two features will work as an add-on advantage in terms of WP7 Development, as you can get the apps based on flash technology.

Integrated with all these features and seamless apps supports, Windows Phone 7 Development is undoubtedly on a constant verge and will keep on increasing.


Source by Rikin Shah