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Why Some Hair and Beauty Logo Designs Fail To Be Successful


Because of the rise in personal grooming trend, salon businesses are thriving.

So why isn’t your newly established salon getting the fame and fortune that it deserves.

That is because maybe you have made the common errors in your salon’s free beauty logo design that is proving to be hazardous.

Let’s have a look at some of such errors:

1. Lack of use of images in the brand mark:

Images may not be necessary for all company marks but there are some businesses that should use images in their brand mark to assure the customers of their creativity and innovativeness. Salon logos are one of those businesses. Beauty shops that do not use images in their trademarks are boring and forgettable. If you do not want to use big illustrations in your business mark then you can combine your company name with small and intricate designs that will maintain the design’s simplicity and sophistication.

2. Use of complicated images in the emblem:

It is important that your customer is able to interpret your trademark in less than 20 seconds or he will never be able to remember it. For that it is important that you avoid using complex images in your emblem. Try and use only one central image or concept and surround the entire trademark around it. Use of multiple or complicated images give the impression that the company is confused and unsure of itself.

3. Use of photographs in the business mark:

Do not use photographs for your salon’s emblem. Using photographs can be tricky to pull off and is not relatable for the customers. Use illustrations instead as they give a wider range for creativity to the designer and create emblems that distinct and unique.

Also, do not use clip art as it is too generic and images are easily available to everyone. This makes your logo look low quality and tacky.

4. Use of the wrong font style:

Try not to use fonts that are thin and straight as it gives a corporate image to the brand which will not attract customers in the locality. You should use fonts that have a little character and personality. Fonts that are curvy or scripted give an air of imagination to the trademark.

5. Use of colors that are too bright or don’t complement each other:

Use colors wisely for your hair and beauty logo. Make sure that the colors you are using complement each other. For example, don’t use red and dark blue together as they would not complement each other. Similarly, don’t use shades of neon or colors that are too bright.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to get creative with your business symbol. Use the unique personality of your company to set your brand mark apart from the rest.


Source by Jesicca Thompson