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Why Is Zend Your Ultimate PHP Framework?


Web development frameworks are like abstractions where developers put in code to create full-fledged web applications with greater accuracy by consuming less time. Zend is one such framework dedicated towards agile web development and is helping businesses to get the custom web apps developed on the fly. While most of the components available in Zend are absolutely workable, it has proved its worth in creating big-scale applications for large organisms by being a highly scalable and decoupled framework. If you are still not aware of the unmatched benefits of the Zend, then take a look here at some of its indomitable advantages of the framework.

# 1 High-end customization

While customization refers to the capability of a framework helping web developers to create web apps with extensive feature-set and options, a prior aspect of this framework is its immense flexibility. It holds a victorious record for offering widespread scope for customization to the developers and help them tailor a website in the way they want using its multiple customizing tools.

# 2 Appropriate for big-data web applications

If there is one framework most suitable for big data application that is mainly required for large company websites or applications, then Zend is that. It has everything in the form of the object, that is, it is preoccupied with the goodness of object-oriented. Developers can make use of the framework's aspect of code reusability and its class inheritance. Thus, there is no doubt that Zend can handle any number or any types of dependencies in a web application without making it perform slower.

# 3 Speed ​​and Efficiency

Zend with its object-oriented method of C ++ makes web development far more agile and powerful. A website developed with the framework are sure to run faster than those build with any other frameworks. This is the one reason that most large-sized applications are built with Zend and its extensive customization options empowering the developers to create efficient and optimal web solutions.

# 4 Decoupled framework

While by the design, Zend framework is a holistic collection of classes, it is otherwise a decoupled framework. Usually, one can use its MVC components to create a fully-functional web project. But, in another way, they can just load those components that they particularly need for the project. Being a very decoupled framework, it implies that developers can leverage the components as per their needs, instead of taking advantage of Zend as a whole framework.

# 5 Greater community support

Zend's unparalleled quality and extensive usability are due to the support of the thousands of PHP developers who are a part of the large and exclusive Zend community. Certified and competent developers of the community not only work hard to bring advance upgrades in the framework but also help other developers in solving any issues that they face during the process of development.

Nevertheless, Zend is not only a PHP framework with great recognition and usefulness, having found its name among the big and small web developers. Its advantages are countless that help to build amazing web applications with more ease and flexibility. Widely known for its simplicity, it is thus the most befitting option for your web development project too and you can rest assured of its quality and performance.


Source by Rob Stephen