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What is PHP and How Do I Use It?


If you have any online experience especially with web development I’m sure you have heard the term PHP. This stands for personal home page. What is it exactly? It is a scripting language. It was developed in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf. The main implementation of this programming language is through a group called The PHP Group. Original right? This group produces the de facto standard for PHP and is responsible for continuing to update this software because as technology advances so does everything used for technology such as web design, development, software, etc.

Where can I get this software? Remember this is free software. You can Google it on the web and find free tutorials and places to install the software. Anyone who tries to charge money for this is probably a crook so be careful. This is not an easy language that you can just learn how to implement in an hour. Be sure to study it and make sure you know how to use it.

How do I use PHP? You can use it to create dynamic web pages. Be sure your web server is compatible with PHP. It may function as a graphical design. Most modern web servers have PHP available as a processor and as a standalone interpreter on most operating systems. Not all web servers allow you to use this so make sure you check, ask questions to be sure it is available. Nothing is more frustrating to a programmer or web developer than to try and use this software and find out it is not available. If your server does not have it you need to get a web server that does have this scripting language.

When learning anything new especially technology be patient. Some people may catch on fast but it may take more time for others. Be sure to do your research. Remember you can learn PHP. Remember it is free and have fun experimenting with design, development and anything else you can use it for.


Source by Amanda Sullivan