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What Images, Fonts and Colors to Use for Your Coffee Logo Design


Everyone loves coffee.

Because of a few famous brands like Starbucks, Costa and Dunkin Donuts, more and more people are getting into the caffeine routine because of its various benefits. From executives to students, a cup of this steaming hot drink in the morning has become a daily fixture.

So, if you’re opening a coffee shop in your area, you can’t go wrong.

But how would you make sure that your customers understand the uniqueness that your café will provide them over others?

Through your coffee logo!

So how can you create a unique brand mark for your cafe?

We have a few ideas.

• What colors to use?

The most perfect color for your espresso shop is deep brown. Psychologically brown color stimulates appetite. It is a color that symbolizes steadfastness, simplicity, friendless and health. Using brown will convey a feeling of warmth, honesty and wholesomeness which is exactly what you need to make your customers walk in through your espresso bar door.

If you think that this color has been overdone, then you can also use red and orange, but let me tell you, no other color can make that deep impact that brown can. Brown coupled with a light shade of golden is the perfect shade for your café.

• What fonts to use?

The first and only rule for selecting fonts for your espresso business is that they should be easily readable.

Besides that you are free to experiment with different font styles. You can use an italic effect with a straight font if your café is casual and targets university students in the area or you can use straight fonts placed at an alignment if you want to make your brand mark look chic, sophisticated and high class. You can keep quite a free hand over the type of fonts you choose but I wouldn’t really recommend use of script fonts here as they look too informal and outgoing.

• What images to use?

When you wake up in the morning what kind of drink do you want?

Black and hot? Then why not use that in your trade mark image?

Use images that remind you of coffee and its warmth. You can use a hot coffee cup logo with steam rising form it. But make sure that you use illustrations and not photos in the logo as they give you a better margin for creativity and look distinct and innovative as compared to photographs or clipart. If you think that cups are generic then you can also use illustration of beans for your trademark.

Hence, café is a business that has become majorly competitive in the recent times due to the rise in number of caffeine drinkers. If you want your brand mark to stand out from the crowd, then make sure that you use fonts, image and colors accordingly.


Source by Jesicca Thompson