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Web Development Software


In the development of a website, a wide variety of activities are worked upon. Basically web development includes all the initial activities such as programming, writing the markup etc. In brief, website development means a non-design activity in the development of a website. Below are some of the generally used web development software/applications:

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a widely used web-development application that secretes the HTML code details of the pages from the user. It enables the non-coders to create website.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio includes Visual C#, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and ASP.NET. It facilitates to create web applications, websites, and web services that can be run on any podium that is supported by.NET framework of Microsoft.

Microsoft Expression Web

Microsoft Front Page is the initial HTML editor that was replaced by Microsoft Expression Web. This application helps in automated web templates. It allows integrating other scripts such as XML and Java into websites. It provides specialized facilities to the web developers.


Aptana is known as open source ‘Integrated Development Environment’ (IDE) that facilitates user in creating JavaScript based applications on the web. The software also comprises of coding assistance for HTML, and CSS languages, JavaScript. Moreover, it can help you in the coding of error and warning notifications.

Coffecup VisualSite Designer

Coffecup VisualSite Designer is very useful for those who don’t have any knowledge of HTML. This application is like ‘WYSIWUG’ (what you see is what you get) that allows users easily drag and drop images and text on the web page in relation to their need.

Website development needs to be created on the basis of professional approach that can’t be overlooked. To use web development applications, there is a need of specialized training and practice that can help you develop error free website.


Source by Deepak Kumar Tevathiya