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Web Development Company – 7 Stages of Web Development Life Cycle


Hiring a web development company is a tough job unless you know the minimum basics of a website creation. This is why because the web development companies may try to cheat you by pricing high to develop your website, if you don’t know at least the common things involved in the development of a website.

So, here I would like to discuss the main stages involved in the web development life cycle.

Requirement Analysis:

This is the basic step for starting a web development project and should be done carefully. This is also the first step in any web development company. The analysis can be done through questionnaires, email letters, participating in interactive sessions, meetings etc… that covers all the details of the chosen project (i.e., concept).

1. Purpose of the website

2. Marketing objectives

3. Who is your audience & what are their expectations?

4. Competitors

5. Database and price details etc…

Preparing Documentation:

By analyzing all the above factors, they try to estimate whether the project is achievable or not? If yes, they calculate “how much cost needed for complete project?” With these details, a specification document is prepared which is given to the client for verification and approval.

Tip: Here, the client should also have some basic knowledge on his project. He should compare these details with the market trends and decide whether to continue the project or not?

Note: Some companies normally rate high because they provide quality product. Remember, a quality product is always costlier.

Web Design:

If the given details are accepted by the customer, then the particular web development company will start the design for the website. Designs are nothing but the look and feel of the website at front-end. In this phase, they determine the architecture of the website by developing a detailed sitemap.

Tip: The client should give his suggestions to make the design more beautiful. Also check that the design is not used by someone else.

Website Development & Coding:

This is a very important phase in any web development company. It involves the actual coding and database design. Communicating with the databases will be handled in this development phase and the back-end code is written. This build is given to the test engineers to check the occurring errors.


The test engineers perform test cases to test the build correctly working or not? The defects will be intimated to the developers for rectification. This loop continuous until no or minimal errors where found. The error-free build will then be given to the customer for approval.


If the customer accepts the build, then the website is deployed to make it go live.

Tip: Choose the best web hosting company which ensures full security and customer support.

Maintenance and Updating:

This is the final stage in the web development life cycle which involves in updating and maintenance of the website with latest features that are helpful to the users.

The above said life cycle is not fixed and may vary according to the web development company you choose.


Source by Radha Krishna Reddy