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Web Design Process and Follow-Up


Web design for business can be simply understood as a task which entails creation of web pages, using web languages like HTML, Java, etc., and by deploying relevant technology. Another alternate is to look at the task of professional web designing as a comprehensive process, which assists in achieving the goals established by an organization. The website design services, aim at assisting the organizations in meeting the imperative objective of growth via online means and establishing the requisite communication platform with public.

Step 1. Site’s Purpose: The process begins by establishing the purpose of a website and target audiences. Because all others have it, you too must be present online, but there has to be a better reason than this to support the argument. Only once the purpose is established can one figure out the goals to be achieved. The goals not help the designing process, but play an important role when it comes to measuring website’s success.

Step 2. Planning: Web designing is a dedicated task which is based upon planning. For every client, a custom web design is conceptualized, which adequately meets the client needs. Pre-established goals and info on target audiences assist with the task. During the planning stages, aspects like site structure, navigation details, page info and other technical aspects are worked out.

Step 3. Designing: The planning stage is followed by the designing process. Website design caters to aspects like the website layout, color scheme, the site theme etc., Depending upon the business needs and competitive requirements, the design is planned. A site providing only information will have different design requirements than an online selling portal. Thus customized web development nuances are kept in forefront.

Post Design Imperatives

The stages post web designing are as crucial as the designing itself. Leniency of any sorts renders the design ineffective. Thus the below stated can be understood as extension of professional web design task.

Content: For a website to be successful it must be rich on the content aspect. Again the content would vary as per business. A business website’s content should be able to inform all about the products and services, must give an insight on company’s policies and apprise all with latest. Additionally and importantly the content must also be search engine friendly.

Marketing: Only uploading a site would not help you reach out to target audiences. The purpose will be solved if the site actually attains a higher ranking across the popular search engines and this can happen by way of effective online marketing. Thus while you invest in website design services, do pay attention to associated imperatives like web marketing and maintenance.


Source by Shubh Mukherji