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Video SEO – New Addition to Traditional Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization, better known as "SEO" and Video SEO, is a growing business founded on the fact that Search Engines (such as Google and Yahoo) are being crowded by more information competing for relevancy. The key word in this statement is "relevancy" in that if a search engine can't deliver results that the searcher wants, then that searcher will go elsewhere. So, in fact, search engines LIKE IT that there is a commitment from SEO companies to help businesses get found efficiently. And, businesses also – want to get found! This article will be devoted to businesses rather than just information sources.

To help de-mystify the business of "SEO" I will provide an overview of what "doing SEO work" is all about. Let's start with the building of a webpage so that the search engines can find it and deliver it in search options. Search engines have developed "algorithms" that determine what someone is really searching for. Some of the criteria that the algorithms are based upon are tags such as a "title" to the webpage, a "description" and the "keywords," that relate to the content of the website.

In addition the "robots crawl the pages" looking for associated words that match up with the inserted keywords. Finally, a sitemap whose pages match is also reassuring to search engine robots, making sure it is a genuine website with desirable information in it. Whenever there is missing information or conflicting information, the website gets marks against it and reduces the chance of showing up as relevant in a user's search experience. Also, don't overload your keywords.

Beyond proper website formatting one must work on popularity. Search engines do care that you have community presence, linking with associations, directories, and other locations across the web that establish you as a legitimate destination to deliver in search results when searched terms match up with what is posted by you. Any method possible to increase "linkbacks" is very important.

Additionally, blogging is the new rage – which is a method to move information around quickly and called an RSS feed (real simple syndication). Blogs allow you to create a feed of information about yourself and also for others to do so as well, allowing commenting that again, allow you to post your website link in to and talk about yourself and your business if it actually relates to you. Remember, everything you say in a blog is open to the public and so your comments must be relevant to the conversation to get picked up. This will also create a link back to your website if you also include it in your posted comment. Creating a blog of your own allows you to speak directly to your "keywords" and "keyword phrases" that can and usually are picked up by the search engines as relevant – because it happened just today!

Finally, an additional approach can be added to the above simply because the new frontier on the Web is Video. Video SEO, a term that refers to getting visibility for Videos, is a new method for getting found on the web. With millions of websites now, it's becoming more and more difficult to show up in search. Contrary to this is video – which has very little content for display in search and so demand exceeds supply. There is a huge opportunity to create a video, post it across the web with keywords along with the Linkbacks mentioned above, to drive not only the video to the top of search, but also help a website gain upward movement as well. Again, they should match in character and message. Post your video to your website as well and create a video sitemap so it gets picked up by the search engines since they seem to be hungry for videos!

In closing, if you are serious about having people find you and your business online, you must pay attention to at least basic SEO work and definitely include Video SEO. If you are a bit more ambitious, hoping to actually sell something on the web, then you do need to take this work seriously and hire yourself a pro.


Source by Alex Day