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To Be Or Not to Be an User Friendly Web Designer?


Starters in the field of web design are often likely to set off on ego trips. This is a cause for worry as the web is flooded with new users each day. These new babies are completely ignorant or have very feeble theoretical knowledge backup. For these new users frills are a highly dispensable category.

A word of advice to all web designers out there – design your web pages keeping the common user in mind. Instead of making things exclusive, make them familiar. The common man still uses a dial up connection, where downloads can be painfully slow. The screen resolution too is more often than not 800 x 600, with a 216-color palette that is available.

Do not design a web page that is exclusive to any particular browser; rather make them multiple browser friendly. Always remember the more user-friendly you are the more warm the users will be towards your business. Design each web page such that it takes minimum time to download. Use few images. Don’t forget to attach alt tags, for it provides for easier navigation. Elaborate embellishments take a hell lot of time to download and detracts from the main focus of communicating information or conducting business. If your site doesn’t load quickly, the users just leave and so do your chances of good business.

Do not design a web page that looks like a whole lot of items cluttered over an amount of space. Organize your items logically. Do not use a background that is so showy that it actually takes the attention of the reader away from the actual text. Use a slightly textured background instead. This adds dimension to your webpage without making it difficult to read. Use colours or images that look good on any color specification, so that the common user is not deprived of any goodies that may be a part of your web page design.

The greatest mistake that a web design artist can make while doing up his page is assuming that his user is a fool. Most people using the net today are very smart and know their mind. For most people surfing the net, time is at a premium. They want fast results. The best kind of web design is the one that caters to the Internet box-office demands and the golden rule is – “Satisfy your users…All of them.” Don’t ignore them as starters or window shoppers, for you never know when they’ll open the door and step in!


Source by Debdulal Das