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Tips to Hire the Right iPhone Application Developer


Are you anyhow related to mobile marketing? Or do you run an IT Software Development firm which also caters to building app for mobile platforms such as Android or iPhone? Unless you are a professional seasoned in mobile applications, the app development especially for iPhone would be a tad too difficult. The following lines of the article should be taken as a word of advice. Get yourself an iPhone App developer.

If you still have a ‘Why’ question bickering in your mind, then the following points of the article will help you clear it out.

Why hire an iPhone developer for your IT firm?

Area of iPhone app encompasses several categories which has become essential for our everyday life. Be it financial, medical, lifestyle or any areas which are highly important for human beings, most of these categories has been covered by iPhone today.

Even though Android has been seen taking a major part of the mobile market share, an iOS app still get the lion’s share in the market. So, why do you need an iPhone developer?

  • iPhone is known for the features and the functionalities. These features get spiced up with the apps which are present in the phone itself. Beside the features, the apple store has a gargantuan number of apps to choose from, which you can download through the help of the iTunes. Each of these apps comes with a unique functionality of their own. Being an amateur mobile application developer it would be difficult for you to tinker around with new iPhone apps.
  • The makers of the iPhone have the tendency to come up with the new models of iPhone every year. A professional application developer would only be able to come with apps which can adapt to the changes.
  • A trained iPhone developer would be able to finish the work within the stipulated deadline given by the company.
  • One of the biggest traits of hiring a professional Apple iPhone developer is to come with apps, which can easily integrate it with the variety of features available in the phone itself.

By now from the above points you should know the worth of an iPhone app developer. But how should you hire app developers for iPhone? Here are some tips to help you out.

Some basic tips to hire the right developer for the iPhone:

In this day and age, the availability of the developers is not a problem anymore, but what you need to know is to get hold of the right one. So here are some tips to hire the right developer for your company.

  • Portfolio Check

Before even confirming the right developer, going thoroughly through the CV to get their area of specialization or the work experience in details is a must for you. The developer should be an expert in his field.

  • Going By The Recommendations

References act as a secret report card for the developers. A reference check can help in knowing the potentiality of the developer you are planning to hire. The more the recommendations are given to a particular developer, the better he is for the job.

  • Machine tests

Knowledge of iPhone SDK tool is a must for the developer. Test them on machine to know the knowledge of developers about the SDK tool. The results of the machine test would help you to find out their strengths and shortcomings.

  • Communication check

The interpersonal communication skills of the developer act as the connection between the client and the company. Check for the communication skill before even selecting them. A candidate with bad interpersonal skill will not be able to understand or deliver the requirements.

  • Register

Don’t forget to register with the Apple Company as an Apple Developer! The app developer you would hire, would be working on behalf of you for the app development process. They will also be attached with the submission process as well.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

Signing the NDA or Non- Disclosure Agreement is necessary when hiring the developer. Along with the NDA there should be Confidentiality agreement which have to be signed by the selected App developer as well.

  • Pricing

Discuss the price of the app before even setting him for the project. This will give you a little idea about the price of your app in the App store itself.

Now that you are all set for the app development process, let your innovation flow.


Source by Sam Martins