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The Microsoft Dot Net Training – The Real Game Changer


.Net Framework or simply .Net is a technology that offers infrastructure to build the applications of next generation. Microsoft.Net is a complex technology that helps in building, running and managing applications of any kind ..Net is a platform which is also defined as a technology as it is composed of several parts containing libraries, executable tools, etc that integrate with the operating system. .Net framework primarily runs on windows operating system. When one enrolls for a.Net Framework Training, the classes are primarily based on the framework's large class library known as Framework Class Library and it offers language interoperability across several programming languages. The programs that are written for .Net framework are executed in a software environment called Common Language Runtime.

Common Language Infrastructure

Common Language Infrastructure provides a platform that is language neutral for development of applications and their execution. It handles functionalities including garbage collection, exception handling, interoperability and security.

For the programs to run on Common Language Infrastructure, the compilation has to be done in Common Intermediate Language and not in machine code. When the program is executed, the architecture specific just-in-time compiler turns the Common Intermediate Language into machine code. To enhance the performance, .Net framework is developed with Native Image Generator which performs ahead-of-time compilation.

Features of .Net

The features of .Net are an important reason for its popularity and the main drive behind most of the online .Net Training Tutorials and .Net Videos. Let's get started.

Ready to use functionalities

.Net framework has hundreds of classes offering a variety of functionalities for the applications. The developer need not bother about low level details of several operations including IO, Network Communications, etc. It has a rich set of functionalities.

Easy Development of High End Web Applications

ASP.Net is a technology that is available on .NET platform which is used for the development of dynamic and data driven web applications. ASP.NET offers event driven programming model with a complex user interface. The ASP.NET server controls offer highly advanced user interface elements which save a lot of coding from the programmer's perspective.

Support of OOP

The advantages that object oriented programming offers are well known to the world of programming. .NET provides a full OOP environment. Even the most primitive types including integer, character, etc can be treated as objects.

Multi-Language Support

In any enterprise, a programming language gets outdated the moment a new one is invented. This naturally increases the cost of the learning curve. But .Net offers something attractive in this area that has the ability to solve this problem. .Net supports multiple languages. The developer does not have to learn a new language. He just has to mold them to suit .Net environment. .Net training once given is given forever.

Multi-Device Support

.Net offers platform for programming of applications that are meant for all devices. They work on all kind of devices including wireless and mobile devices.

Automatic Memory Management

Memory leaks are the main reason for the failure of several applications. However .Net takes this worry away from the developer. It handles memory on its own. The garbage collector takes the responsibility of freeing unused objects at required intervals.


Source by Jessy Grace