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The Crux of Dot Net Programing and Its Advantages


With the world gradually spiraling around smartphones, tablets and computers, the need for developers is always on the rise. The booming trend of companies going online with their business has emphasized the use of dot net programming. Developed by Microsoft this framework is widely used by various websites.

A Brief Overview on dot net Programming

The prime beneficial aspects of .net programming is that it helps in reducing the time of long developments, helps in altering applications quickly, lowers the cost of developing an application and is easy to deploy. Hence, dot net developers are in demand especially when a low cost website is to be established at a short notice.

There are various kinds of applications that can be developed with .net. These are:

• Various accounting applications

• Various kinds of websites

• Supply chain management

• XML web services

• Inventory and product applications

The 5 Advantageous Aspects of .net Development

Easy Maintenance – Maintenance is an essential aspect of any framework. This is where hiring a .net developer can come in handy. Applications developed with dot net are easy to maintain because they can be modified without re-writing the entire code. This in turn lowers the entire cost of ownership.

Secured – This framework was made with security in mind and is adept in ensuring a holistic security. Minor lapses in the security feature can take a heavy toll on a company’s business and also decrease customer’s confidence in them. Getting your work done by a .net developer is therefore quite beneficial.

Easy to Scale – When companies ride on their growth story and handle larger load of work, a dot net developed application or website can come in very handy. This will therefore ensure a lesser time in re-developing your website and tune it to handle existing loads.

High Reliability Quotient – The dot net framework has several credits of developing numerous applications, of various volumes to its kitty. The numerous built-in checks helps in balancing the system and keep it functioning. This feature makes it pretty effective in the e-commerce arena where the business is highly reliable on the functionality of the website.

Easy to Deploy – Besides everything, a dot net developer can easily deploy a website with a .net framework. In it, various versions of the same DLL can co-exist simultaneously and this helps in making it easier to deploy. This further averts issues such as deleting crucial DLL from user’s machines.


Source by Shawn Lampard