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Steps for Converting a Photoshop Document to Magento Theme


With more and more players entering the online market, the competition is soaring higher. Therefore, an eCommerce site that can provide the user with a wonderful experience has become vital for a successful business. Due to the rise in competition, most eCommerce site owners prefer conversion from Photoshop document (PSD) to Magento as it takes the business to the next level.

To help you in easy conversion, here are the five simple yet effective steps for PSD to Magento conversion:

1. Site Planning

The first thing to start with is plan your online store methodically. You need to focus on the designs as you want to see them come up on the screen. You can design different options on a paper and decide the final one. Also, you can take the help of professional conversion developers who can help you come up with better ideas and work along with on the color scheme, logo, etc., to ensure you get the perfect theme.

2. Slicing PSD Files

The PSD files are not readable by browsers as they are image files. So, to convert from PSD to Magento theme, you first need to slice the PSD files. The files need to be sliced properly to encode every section of the site with certain functionality. This is very well understood by the professionals and this is the reason why it is always better to let them handle the file slicing part. Also, handling it on your own may lead to errors later on.

3. Conversion to XHTML/HTML Format

The sliced files now need to be converted into web compatible XHTML/HTML format. If you’re planning to do it on your own, then you’ll need some knowledge about XHTML as the process requires some manual coding. Though there are automated coding programs, it is good if you hire professionals for the conversion. The developers are aware of the techniques and will use semantic code technique for converting all elements of the website.

4. Magento Integration

Once the site is encoded, you need to integrate it with Magento admin, using the PSD to Magento template. Along with other elements of the website, you can publish the new created directories to the server.

5. Add Data

Now, what you need to do is to add all the relevant data like images, videos, product description, etc. to make sure that conversion has been done the right way and all the store functions are working correctly, you can test it across all browsers.

Also, as and when required, you can add more data to your site.

PSD to Magento conversion can proof to be effective and beneficial for your online store, provided you select the right professionals who are committed to deliver dependable services. Moreover, once everything is completed, you need to ensure that everything functions according to the strategy. For this, you need to place your eCommerce store via numerous testing procedures.

You must make sure that the site appears, works and responds uniformly throughout all significant browsers in the world.


Source by Natasha Bhardwaj