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Stay Updated With Latest Graphic Design Trends


Most web designers love to experiment with colors, images, and graphics. Reasons behind this experimentation usually include satisfaction of creative urges and offering something new to the users. These experimentations, in turn, give rise to trends that earn appreciation from users and other designers. If you are willing to know more about graphic design trends of 2011-2012, read on.

Domination of minimalist style

Minimalism was popular for the past few years, but it is in 2011 that minimalism has become the most powerful trend in graphic design. Designers are currently opting for simple images, shapes, understated content, and muted colors. Consider the fact that combining single colors and uncomplicated images can help you to come up with interesting designs.

Handwritten elements have become popular this year and are likely to retain its popularity by the end of next year. Many graphic designers are also using paper textures, handwritten fonts, and logos. It is believed that handwritten elements exude warmth and incorporating them in graphic designs would attract attention of the visitors.

Use color schemes intelligently

Popular color schemes of 2011-12 include pale, and yet bright colors. Designers are extensively using citrus yellow, honeysuckle and vintage wine in 2011. There are high chances that their popularity will continue in 2012 as well.

Another dominant trend is contrasting desaturated pictures against strong red, yellow, and orange text. You can also combine muted and earthy skin tones such as grey, off-white, copper with bold colors, such as red, and yellow.

For creating a soothing effect, limit your color schemes to two or three colors. Using a powerful base color will help you to attract attention of the visitors. The complimentary colors, on the other hand, will further enhance appeal of your designs.

Consider influence of mobile phones

Many people surf Internet via mobile phones these days. This means that you have to opt for designs that look good on laptops as well as small mobile screens. More specifically, mobile applications should be simple and easy to understand.

Complex mobile applications may not receive any appreciation because users will not understand purposes of these designs. A well-designed application, on the other hand, provides users with necessary information within few seconds or minutes. This in turn, will encourage users to respond positively. While designing mobile applications, do not forget to consider user expectations and cultural elements.

Be open to experimentation

As mentioned earlier in this article, experimentation and creativity give rise to new trends. Therefore, if you want to be a trendsetter, opt for experimentation. However, in the quest for experimentation, do not create designs that are offensive or morally degenerating.

If you are a part of a company that is trying to establish itself in this field, update yourself regularly about the latest trends. Try to incorporate them in your designs. This will convince your potential clients that you have a strong interest in current trends and are willing to experiment as well.

Offer your clients a wide variety of designs, so that they can pick the ones that reflect their values the best.


Source by Debjani Sinha