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Seeking A Dot Net Developer For Hiring? Outsource Dot Net Development To Belarus


If you are looking for a dot net developer for hiring you might want to consider outsourcing the job to an offshore company. Although India has been the major outsourcing destination for quite a long time, it is not the only option you have. The consistent rise in the value of the Indian Rupee against the US dollar makes other countries and Belarus in particular more competitive. A great deal of web development work is outsourced to various Belarusian companies. ASP.NET is a sphere where clients look up to Belarus for high quality services and timely innovative solutions.

Outsourcing ASP.NET development to Belarus has a number of advantages. Apart from the saved time it also offers significant cost benefits. In the situation of a weak dollar against the major world currencies, Belarus gets a competitive edge over other outsourcing destinations such as India, China, Russia and the EU. The value of the Belarusian currency against the dollar remains on a relatively low level (2140 Belarusian rubles for one USD). This trend makes more and more companies want to outsource their web development jobs to Belarus.

Whether a project is outsourced or done in-house, quality is a key issue for any company. Outsourcing to Belarus involves no quality compromises. Moreover, the quality of outsourced solutions often exceeds all expectations. This is so because Belarus has a strong educational system that provides for a large pool of skilled IT professionals. Wherever you seek a dot net developer for hiring, Belarus is one of the first places to look at. There are many qualified specialists with profound knowledge and vast working experience. Since learning at least one foreign language is compulsory for all higher education students in Belarus, the majority of IT professionals have a good command of English.

The reputation of Belarus as a preferred outsourcing destination gets stronger with more and more companies working with Belarusian specialists. ASP.NET development is just one of the fields. Belarusian outsourcing companies are also involved in all kinds of IT projects form web development to search engine optimization. Whether you seek a dot net developer for hiring, a PHP programmer, a web designer, a copywriter, a SEO practitioner or a flash animator, you can rely on Belarusian expertise.

IT is a rapidly developing market with high demand for skilled specialist. Outsourcing companies face fierce competition and have to fight for survival. Belarusian outsourcing providers and freelance specialists realize the critical importance of staying abreast with the latest IT trends and mastering innovative techniques and strategies. Many of them are regular contributors to IT forums and blogs as well as international conferences and exhibitions. All this adds to the competitiveness of Belarus as a global outsourcing destination.


Source by Ivan Artimovich