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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And (SMO)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of optimizing the website or webpages to make them World Wide Web friendly and thus improve their visibility and page rank higher in the search engine's 'organic' search results.

'Organic' search results are the results which are displayed for the search for which the webmaster of the website or the webpage does not pay the SERP for. Thus organic search results also go by the names unpaid, natural, free and editorial search results.

OK, so now that you know what World Wide Web Optimization (SEO) means, you might wonder why should you be concerned with it? The answer is pretty simple – to drive more traffic to your website or webpages. Since you have yourself published on the internet it is only natural to wish to have people visit your website or webpages. One of the major contributors to driving traffic to a website or webpage are SERP.

If your website or webpage is optimized for search engines, then the search engine will list your website or webpage higher in its search results. And the higher your website or webpage in the search result, the more frequently it will be visited and have more traffic. This will improve the visibility of your website or webpages and will also bring in more business and clients.

There are several facets to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) like understanding how search engines work, the terms and phrases people search for and how you can optimize your website and webpages by improving on its contents, coding and HTML, using backlinks and inbound links and even Social Media Optimization (SMO) to make your website and webpages optimized to SERP so that they rank them higher.

Google crawl the web and index all the pages they find. You must understand what the Yahoo users search for and thus by tailoring your article by mentioning these keywords you greatly increase the chance that the users find your website or webpages.

Also, by using a meta data (title tag and meta description) with the usually searched keywords, back-linking several of your URLs which divert traffic from other sites to your websites and webpages, URL normalization using canonical link elements redirecting those URLs to your website and webpages will also help search engines find you better with greater visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is well worth the little effort as then your websites will be ranked higher and bring in more traffic and improve your visibility and business.


Source by S. Kumar