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Search Engine Optimisation Services Specialist Discusses Press Releases In SEO Part 13


This is what you need to do with your own content and for the content of your search engine optimisation SEO clients. Another very critical vital and important search engine optimisation technique is to remember that every time you add content anywhere, you must hand submit or index the link created to the Google search engine every time. This is very important. Indexing and hand submitting your site or link informs the search engine spiders that you have added content and that you want them to visit your site by spidering that link.

Updating content and not indexing your link will not automatically force the spiders to visit your information. Remember to constantly add content to your actual website regularly as well and index your website url regularly. If you constantly update the content on your website Google will actually plan on you coming back to look at your content and to index your website. This means that a Google search engine spider could be permanently attached to your website because it knows you update your content on a regular basis. This is vitally important from a search engine optimisation perspective.

If you are not writing press releases you definitely need to start writing them immediately. A press release will get to the first page of Google within three to ten days. What you are accomplishing by writing and publishing press releases is you are writing validated keyword and keyword phrases in your press release content which refer to and contains the link to your business or opportunity. When you publish the press release it provides a unique link which you then had submit to the Google search engine and other search engines if you want to.

What you have just created is a back link pointing to your opportunity or business and this is very effective, powerful and successful search engine optimization. Write enough of these press releases, at least one a day and you will start appearing on the front pages of the Google search engine as well as other search engines. It is that simple.


Source by Clyde Thorburn