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Search Engine Optimisation and Content Advice


For many experts in the field of search engine optimisation, written content plays a crucial part in increasing the volume of traffic a website receives. In fact a lot of techniques used involve making or manipulating content so that it helps attract more online visitors to a webpage or site.

When writing content, one must keep in mind that one is writing for two “audiences”. The first “audience” is the programs used by search engines. These programs scan and record every word that is written on a webpage so that when a word or phrase found on the site or page is searched, a link to it will be displayed on the search result page.

Thus search engine optimisation or SEO has a lot to do with finding and using certain keywords and phrases relevant to the subject matter the website being optimized is dealing with. For instance, if an online business deals with selling and delivering airplane scale model kits, it can use the words “scale model airplanes”, “scale model aircraft kits”, or “world war II model aircraft” in its content. The key is to determine which words a person looking for information on this topic will use on search.

The number of times one uses a keyword or phrase in the written content also has a bearing on search engine optimisation results. When used to many times in an article, it may consider it as spam and will not include the content in its index. Too little, and the search engine will overlook it. Not all SEO professionals agree as to how many times keywords should be used for content but the consensus seems to be that there should be a two to six percent keyword density for content.

The second and probably more important “audience” is the person reading the content. Writing content for the web is not the same as writing for other forms of media. One must keep in mind the reading habits of people who go online. A person on the ‘Net is a person who is looking for information and has no patience for things which are not relevant to what he or she is looking for. Thus, content should be short, concise, informative, current and straight to the point.

The outcome is search engine optimisation, which if done successfully, increases website ranking and traffic. If you are a businessman with a website and you get more people visiting your site, the bigger your chances are at increasing your market and getting more clients. Altogether, these mean increased profitability.


Source by JJ Currie