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Revamp Websites With Custom Design


The concept of web design encompasses the task of developing hypertext or hypermedia content which a user can access through the World Wide Web. Through web design websites are created. The concept entails more on designing rather than development, i.e. taking care of the graphic elements, look and feel and other aesthetic feature. It is different from professional web development which often concentrates on the technical aspect of the website. However, the terms web development and design are often used interchangeably.

Custom web design services are essential today because it is necessary to catch a web page visitor’s attention to expand on business an eCommerce. A web page that looks unique with a great customized content is essential to fight for your company’s web presence and to attain efficacy on the internet. Custom web design services as a professional requirement has been growing in leaps and bounds.

The components of web design include:

  1. Website redesigning: Sometimes essential touch ups are put in by experts or major changes are made to give the websites a look that is attractive and eye grabbing.
  2. Logo: The face of an organization is often represented by its logo. A redesigning of the logo can be attempted through expert artists and represented on the site, deliberately, for making your company logo more visible, known and recognized.
  3. Usage of Flash: Use of Flash technology in adding music, pictures, and videos on the website to make it more informative and interesting is often done as a part of web designing. For example, a website of a watch company can have a live clock on its home page through the use of Flash.
  4. Interaction augmentation: To increase eCommerce and encourage interaction many websites, in the process of redesigning, provide for more interaction features on the website.
  5. Web blog: Creating a blog for the website often increases visitor interest and turns out to be more informative in terms of the discussions and question answers of other visitors and company representatives.

Some tips for custom design for websites:

  • Use of appropriate colors, i.e. those representing the spirit of the company, or dominant in the logo.
  • Designs and attractive graphics, i.e. neat and clean designs which doesn’t confuse visitors.
  • Pictures i.e. that convey relevant information to visitors and also increases attractive presentation.
  • Fonts, i.e. clear and easy to read and understand fonts.
  • Informative text, i.e. comprehensive and meaningful text that does not clutter the page or bore visitors. The lesser the text better it is.
  • Contact information, i.e. providing information like address and phone number, if possible contact details of the company top brass, HR, etc.


Source by Nimrata Todmodkar