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PHP Development: Core of Open Source Development


PHP (Hypertext Processor) earlier known as Personal Home Page, is a scripting language used worldwide for crafting solutions in providing the most robust and dynamic web design and development. There are indeed several users, companies and industries engrossing the benefit of successful PHP development.

Open source, being a free available platform, contains four major spectrum: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, together known as LAMP. PHP, with the upper hand advantage as the most preferable scripting language, has turn out to be a core part of open source platform. PHP development has grown vigorously since over a decade and is on a continuous growing stage. The major advantages could be classified as under:

• PHP development contains many sub-forms such as CakePHP, phpBB, Joomla, Magento, typo3 and several others. All of these has its own unique distinguished features and benefits which a developer can use in its developing process.

• It supports integration facility with other scripting languages such as C, C#, C++ and many other. Furthermore, it also supports flash and flex for graphics and audio and video integration, to create some of the outstanding websites.

• As PHP is primarily used for web design and development, it is able to craft most elegant and excellent web pages. In addition, its services can be utilized in the development of custom CRM development, custom CMS development, e-commerce development, online catalogs and web-based application development.

• With several add-ons, plugins and templates availability (at no cost), large user community and user-friendly interface, PHP development serves as one of the prominent choice for web design and development.

Software companies around the world serves almost every industry, in providing software and/ or web designing and development solutions. These industries acting as a client for the software companies, prefer to get the services and solutions which are not only cost-effective but also the best in quality standards. As a result open source development serves as a key platform for them (as compare to other technologies it doesn’t requires any license and is available free), and PHP development plays a vital role in the complete development process.


Source by Rikin Shah