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Outsourcing to Offshore Web Designers – Benefits and Risks


There are people who doubt the effectiveness of outsourcing of web development task to offshore designers. The move is not at all risk free. Like any other system it also has its own advantages and disadvantages. But these days most of the website owners like to appoint talented and devoted designers from around the globe to ensure the best service for their websites.

Well, it’s not a wise idea to doubt the authenticity, professionalism and capability of offshore designers only because they operate from outside your homeland. However, experts fell that outsourcing of development is still in its early stage.


  • Outsourcing makes the whole designing task cost-effective. That’s one of the major reasons of why more and more people like to hire offshore designers.
  • It enables you to get services from experienced professionals within your budget.
  • Offshore web designers always try to deliver the project on time as timely production is considered as future investment by them for getting more quality projects.
  • You get better technical support for your website from these expert offshore designers.
  • These web designers always in touch with their clients to ensure best and uninterrupted service for them.
  • Offshore designers take extra care in client handling to build a good reputation in the market so that old customers refer them to fresh ones. For the same reason they also maintains transparency in all financial transactions.

According to me these are the key aspects that make outsourcing to offshore designers attractive to website owners. Now its time to discuss the risks of it.


  • Offshore web designers tend to compromise with quality for adding a low price tag to their works for attracting more clients.
  • Communication gap can take place between clients and designers due to their distant location. Such a gap can ruin the whole project.
  • Ensuring transparency in monitory transaction in case of outsourcing to offshore web designers can be a tough task.
  • Hiring any offshore designer without having first hand experience of his capability and technical efficiency can prove really fatal.
  • Language and cultural difference can affect the project.
  • Having a long-term contact with an inefficient offshore can be suicidal for a website owner.
  • Offshore designers are not known for handling work disasters professionally. They generally try to escape from it.
  • When clients hire an designer he has to bear the additional responsibility of tracking down the designer all the time.

Hopefully my article has given you some idea about the benefits and challenges of hiring offshore web designers. It’s always good to do some research works of your own before appointing any designer for your website.


Source by Dipankar Maitra