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Mobile Friendly Website With WordPress


One of the most popular ways of creating a website is by using WordPress. Its advantages speak for themselves: it is free and allows you to build professional websites that are easy to manage. The vast number of ready made WordPress templates is one of its most important features. Moreover, you can easily find hundreds of them all for free. You can choose templates by their color, subject, number of columns, and many other parameters, depending on your individual taste and purpose. You can increase the profit gained via your website and attract more clients simply by choosing the correct template and placing the most important information in the right place in order to make it easy and quick to find.

Now, when you think that everything has been done properly, you should also consider one more thing. Have you considered the idea that your customers might access your website by using mobile phones? You should be aware that your website must be displayed in a completely different way on mobile devices due to the small screens. Tiny letters and links that are difficult to access would become a major challenge for mobile users. Nowadays, the fact that more and more people are using their mobile phones to access the Internet cannot be ignored. The number of mobile users is forecast to increase to one billion by 2013. Just imagine the size of the mobile web audience that one can lose, or gain, according to the following statistics:

  • the mobile Web consumption rate reached 148% in 2009
  • 22 million Americans accessed the mobile Web daily in 2009
  • 9 million users accessed social networking sites and 3 million viewed their trade stocks and financial accounts through the mobile Web
  • 24,8 million U.S. citizens used smartphones in 2009 compared to 13,7 million in 2008
  • CNN and Google are continually improving their mobile websites
  • the number of Opera’s desktop users and people using Opera Mini on their mobile devices each month is nearly the same and comprises 46.3 million
  • half of all males 18 to 34 use their mobile phones to access news and information on the Web
  • eBay designed a very easy to use mobile site, which resulted in the fact that its sales through the mobile Web reached $380 million
  • Web traffic from mobiles is growing eight times faster than the Web traffic from PC in the UK
  • the number of U.S. citizens who feel safe in buying via mobile phones is over 71% and 9 million of them have paid for goods and services through the mobile Web

Now let us get back to your website. You have spent a lot of time and effort creating it, choosing the right combination of its content and design, placing the most important information in the right place, and making it look just the way you wanted. However, now you can see that there is one more thing that you should take care of. The mobile user. All of your efforts might turn out useless, depending on the capabilities of people’s mobile phones. The information that you so thoroughly designed might be displayed in a very inconvenient way on their devices. It could be difficult to access the most important parts of your content and, in fact, the whole view may be completely wrong. As a result, your potential customers will choose those competitors of yours that have their websites optimized for mobile devices.

However, progress never stands still. This time it offers unique mobile WordPress themes in order to make your site more accessible for mobile users. If you develop your website using such a theme, it will be initially adapted for mobile phones and have a perfect look on PCs. You can kill two birds with one stone and you can do it all for free!

For a great example of all this, let us take a look at Mobius, which is a free WordPress theme that is optimized for mobile devices. This theme is compatible with touchscreen mobile phones, such as iPhone & iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Palm Pre, and Symbian. In addition, it looks just great on a PC.

Mobius is a handmade template that meets all the requirements of modern website development.

Isn’t this exactly what we were looking for? The possibility to create websites using such themes that is easy and quick way to increase the accessibility for as many users as you can. Looking back at the statistics, imagine just how much it will increase your audience and your profit too! This will be a new stage in your website development process that will definitely ensure your success.


Source by Antony Swans