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Mistakes to Avoid During iPhone App Development


IPhone and iOS is the most preferred and popular platform for mobile app development. Apps created for this platform has assisted developers as well as consumers by offering to be a companion to their life. Working with this environment, developers have found that there are few twists in iOS app development. The iPhone app development language is Object-C which is based on C programming language and encompasses various extensions like interfaces, messages, dynamic typing and many more. iOS offers numerous convenient features for which programmers and developers opt for iPhone application development over other mobile app development platform.

There are millions users who are using iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to access the web and communicate with other people residing in the rest part of the world. This rising need of the iOS apps has made it crucial for the companies and Industries to choose iOS platform in order to promote their business. Hence they are seeking proficient iPhone developers to build their applications. An iPhone app developer not only posses the required skill but also have the right experience to handle complex issues. But the inexperienced developers make numerous mistakes during app development. Hence, it is essential to keep few things in mind during the development process. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid during iOS app development.

Avoid overdoing features: It is essential to make unique applications but developers should avoid overdoing some iOS features. iOS offers numerous intriguing functionalities for the developers which shouldn’t be included only to make the app look good. The app should be targeted according to the expected audience it is to be delivered. The apps are also targeted to a wider audience and therefore, it is important to be simple and easy to adapt for the end users. In such cases, they should seek the help of experienced developers to maintain a proper balance between creativity and innovation for the right solution.

Speed of Application: Using high resolution images in application makes it more attractive to the users and developers. But it decreases the speed of the app and it has been observed that iPhone app developers do this more often by adding larger graphics. So it is beneficial to resize the image and use the right image format to optimize their apps. Also most developers consider this issue and compromise with animation. Poor animation also takes away the real aesthetics of iOS apps and makes it almost redundant to use for the iPhone users.

User friendly functionality: The functionality of the app developed should be made simpler and user friendly to bring the complete attention of the users and should be engaging to use so that they would actually relay on the app to do a task. After all the app should be designed so that the users can work out things in one hand. The application must be practical to the users too or else its usage will be redundant and won’t be able to engage maximum users.

The huge demand for experienced iPhone developer has increased over time. They are capable to handle all these issues effectively which most new developers commit. As every project have specific requirements so only the experienced developers should be hired who can understand the actual requirements of the business and bring success.


Source by Saine De