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Logo Design and Its Three Important Constituents


Attributes of an individual’s personality determine the degree of success in his/her life because these are the fundamentals of one’s behavior and attitude. Similarly constituents of a logo also determine its efficiency and effectiveness. Incorporating these constituents correctly and appropriately in a logo help it to attract customers with ease and enhance the worth of a brand.

Getting aware of anything isn’t the only matter to be concerned about but to get that thing right is what makes you excel. Logo is necessary for recognition of an organization, this is what almost everyone in the business world is aware of but a more essential part is to make this recognition so unique that the target audience starts trusting the organization.

Logo design is a highly lucrative tool provided all its constituents are chosen keeping some key points in mind. Now, what are the basic and foremost constituents of a logo? Three of the fundamental constituents will be discussed in this article.

Corporate Message

Logo design of your organization isn’t just tool for creating identity but a tool for interacting with your target market and communicating them the best attribute of your business. This stand-out feature of your business is what your corporate message is all about.

Suppose you are a furniture designer then you must have superlative creative skills in order to provide customers with better products than your competitors. If you are able to bring creativity and innovation in your products then this must also be a part of your logo since people perceive your corporate image through it. The better it is able to represent your business, the more it will be able to attract your target customers

Why is corporate message so important to incorporate? Why a logo design seems to be incomplete without it? It is important because expertise that make you stand out from your competitors determine your brand value and if they are projected in a professional manner then your target customers will surely prefer you over your competitors.


Once the basic theme of the logo design has been decided then comes the graphic part. How to graphically portray the most prominent feature of the organization? This can only be done with the help of an adept designer. An important point to remember is to avoid complexity and incorporate innovation. Complicated designs are difficult to understand while innovative designs can easily grab the attention of customers.


Colors make a logo design either attractive or unattractive. Choosing right colors that compliment nature of your business is highly important. Suppose your products are for kids then your logo design must comprise of bright colors while if you are a security company then your logo should have colors that reflect bravery, confidence and credibility.

Every color has its own language therefore one can easily associate specific features with its organization by choosing the appropriate colors. They have much stronger effect than graphics.

If you want to add value to your brand identity then you must incorporate all these fundamentals professionally and effectively in your logo design.


Source by Deana Meske