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Locksmith Logo Design Ideas and Examples


These days a logo is an essential part of doing business in most trades and industries. The locksmith business is certainly no exception. If you don't get a professional looking logo designed to represent your business then you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity.

Here are some ideas on locksmith logos that may interest you if you are starting out with a new business or looking to revamp your existing one.

Why Locksmiths Need Logos

A logo will help you to present a professional image and get noticed by prospective customers. With the right design you will be able to make a positive first impression on those who come across your advertisements and other branded materials. In the long run, your logo will help you to build a brand that slowly becomes familiar to those who come into contact with it.

Branding is all about your image and reputation. A logo will help to instill in people the impression that you are a reliable service provider that meets expectations and delivers on promises.

Design Ideas and Concepts

The first step to getting a great locksmith logo is to order one from a design firm. Unless you have a talent in this area it is advisable that you don't take on this design task yourself. There are many custom logo design firms online that will happily provide you with a series of concepts that suit your business. They will usually offer packages that allow for a variety of concepts as well as the opportunity to make a certain number of alterations.

The usual process with online custom logo design firms is to complete a briefing form that outlines your requirements. Think about the message that you want your logo to convey and the kind of people that you are appealing to. Communicate everything to your designer carefully in writing so that they know exactly what the scope of your business is and what limitations they have.

The design should be relevant and identify you as a locksmith. You will also need a design that is original in your market so make sure that you let your designer know what logos your major competitors are using. They can then work on designing something that is quite different from other logos currently out there in the locksmith industry.

Popular Locksmith Logo Images

While you can get away with a logo that utilizes only text, it is usually more effective to also include some kind of image, symbol or design to better convey your message. You may want to let your designer know exactly what kind of image you want to use or you may leave that up to them.

For inspiration, check out the logos that other locksmiths in your area are using. You can also check out some examples online by doing a Google image search for 'locksmith logos'. You will see that some common themes include the use of keys, padlocks and also the outline of a key hole or lock.

As well as the use of obvious images, other designers have tried to present a deeper image of the kind of service that a locksmith offers. Examples include an image of a reliable looking locksmith in cartoon form or a clock giving the impression of speedy service.

Color Choice

Locksmith logos can be found in a variety of color combinations. While there are no rules here, it can pay to consider the psychology behind various colors, their meanings and the emotions that they stir up in people. Dark blue would be a great color to incorporate into a locksmith logo as it symbolizes dependability and security. Other obvious colors for the trade include gold and silver which are the colors associated with locks and keys.

It is wise to keep the range of colors used in the design to a minimum. This will make for simple looking design that can easily be interpreted by the eye close up and at a distance. Minimal variety in colors will also make things easier when it comes to printing. The design should also be functional in black and white so that it can be faxed or photocopied without losing its clarity.

Font Style

A key part of most logos is the lettering or text that spells out the business name and perhaps a small slogan. There are many fonts that can be used for this purpose and you designer will adapt one that compliments the overall design. The style of font is also an effective way to enhance the message that you want to get across. One example is the use of a sloping font that leans forwards, giving the impression of speed and mobility.

Think about all the benefits that a well designed logo will give your business over the years. Surely it is worth spending a few hundred dollars and a little time on getting something that is going to grow to be an asset to your business. When it comes to planning your marketing budget, remember that the right locksmith logo design is going to pay for itself over an over again in the years to come.


Source by Steven P Sutherland