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Link Building Tips From an SEO Expert


Link building is very necessary for anyone who wants their website to be ranked at a high position on a search engine. Given here are a few effective tips from an SEO expert who has been doing the same for years now. One of the best ways to increase the traffic on your site is by building back links. However, knowing what type of links are effective and which ones are not is also very necessary. Webmasters today argue about it but the fact is that all types of links are effective up to an extent. Those who create links only from a single site or social network would be basically betting all the money on a single horse.

Link building tips from an SEO Expert

At a race track, for example, the best thing to do would be to bet on different horses in a single race and spread your investments so that you would have better odds of winning. You will lose money, however, on the horses in that race that do not win. When it comes to back links you would not have anything to lose unless you are paying for the links. Posting links at a few directories can be a big wastage of time since they do not allow any relevant links within the body or do not have a resource or author’s box allowed for every article. When it comes to SEO, time is definitely money so the best thing to do would be to get hold of the most effective ways to build links and follow them at the earliest.

Tips for free link building

Given below are a few free link building tips from an SEO expert:

a) Find websites that are related and offer trade space. You can allow the owner of the site to put a link on your website and he would let you put your link on his site.

b) Write articles that are relevant to your business and are informational and post them on various article directories. Only select the best possible directories. Posting the articles is completely free of cost and back links would be allowed in the resource box.

c) Create a blog along with links to your site. Your blog posts should include helpful tips and information that would be interesting for your potential customers.

Link building and social networking

Another important SEO tip from an SEO expert is about social network. You must be confident enough in your services and product and should encourage your family and friends to purchase it. If you don’t have an official page on MySpace, Facebook or Twitter then you would already be a little behind the competition. Facebook is the easiest one to start with though Twitter is one of the most effective and also the latest ones.

The more links you create that lead visitors back to your site, the more amount of traffic you would be able to get. There is no such thing as too many back links. If you do have outgoing links then your website would be able to rank higher on search engines. Following the above mentioned SEO expert link building tips will definitely provide you great benefits.


Source by Ricardo Lumbardo