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Learning Java, J2EE and Dot Net


Software is the biggest market now days. Software industry has grown rapidly and millions of people are involved in this, including professionals, software learners, students etc. These all are major contributors in this industry.

Pool of young manpower is the key behind success story of Software Industry. Software Development is done on many different platforms. The major players are Sun Microsystem’s JAVA and Microsoft’s ASP.Net.

J2EE and ASP.Net are the most popular languages used for server side programming. JAVA Training and ASP Training is the part of today’s education system. But who cares in student life.

Professional software training includes practical approach to get through the concepts of these languages. JAVA Training includes Core Java and Advance Java, Struts, Hybernets and other important models like MVC (the most popular one).

On the other hand there is the biggest competitor of Sun Microsystem’s Java, that is Microsofts.Net Platform. Its basically a framework not an independent language. ASP.Net Training includes basic framework, ADO.Net and several other concepts. C# is the language that is used mostly for.Net development.

Students are most of the time confused about which they opt between Java and.net. Both are object oriented, and mainly used for web development.

Java provides platform independence by Bytecode and.Net provides platform independence by MSIL that is MicroSoft Intermediate Language code.

Java uses JRE to execute Bytecode where.Net uses CLR for the common IL code.

Both the languages are used in the software industry so you can choose any of them as your career.


Source by Ajayg Golani