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Joomla Extension Review – EXtplorer Joomla File Manager


The Joomla file management / FTP component, eXtplorer is an awesome tool. It should be part of every installation.

I normally use DreamWeaver and FileZilla for my FTP needs. In addition, I use cPanel File Manager for functions like Unzip, Zip, Compress, Archive, and File Permissions. Until now, I did not need eXtplorer.

But one of my clients had a problem with the jCalPro Latest Events module the required I update their installation to version 1.5.15. Unfortunately, their host had forced a password change and the client did not have the password. As a result, I could not update and extract the update file.

That's when I decided to try eXtplorer. Once eXtplorer was installed, I used it to upload and extract the upgrade. It worked flawlessly. It has an easy-to-understand GUI file interface.

The following is a list of functions you can perform with eXtplorer:

* upload
* download
* compress / archive files into zip, tar, tar.gz
* extract files such as.zip, .tar, and.tar.gz
* move
* copy
* change permissions
* search
* rename
* delete
* create and edit

eXtplorer is a great addition to Joomla. It offers your clients a way to manage files on their website without having to use a dedicated ftp tool or a web host cPanel. In addition, it allows your clients to completely manage their site using the Joomla Admin. If you decide to use eXtplorer Joomla file manager, make sure you warn your clients of the danger of accidentally deleting or editing essential Joomla program files. Other than that, I highly recommend eXtplorer for Joomla.

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Source by Pat Fortino