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iPhone App Development – What You Should Be Looking for in a Developer


So you've just realized that you need an iPhone app for your business. You go on line, Google-search app developers, but you a hit a snag. You've pulled up hundreds of entries and you've got no clue as to how and who to choose. iPhone app developers and development companies indeed number by the thousands. Discretion is definitely needed to be sure that your ideas, specifications and requirements are complied with, as well as to avoid mishaps, especially when the app is already out in the market.

To that end, we wish to provide you with a few tips in order to avoid incurring these dangerous problems.

Check rates
Smart buying sense would tell you that in most cases, it is important to compare rates. Just because you're sure of the quality, doesn't mean you'll jump into it straight away. Go down the list further and, you might find a cheaper service with the same quality if not even better. It's also important to find out the prevailing rates to get a clear picture. You could use this information should you get the chance to negotiate for price.

Experience and Testimonials
Experience will tell you that experience is a good determinant of the quality of work that an individual or a company is capable of putting into a project. Ideally, the longer the experience, the better the results, the faster the delivery and the better they are at dealing with clients. To be safe, a lot of people do go for trusted names. However, counter-verify the experience that they claim to have by going through their portfolios. Some put up testimonials on their websites from allegedly satisfied clients. Don't take their word for it though. Contact those clients if you can. Ask for their number or e-mail address from the iPhone app developer, and if they refuse to give it to you, well, experience will also tell you that there must be something fishy.

Of course, these are true only if it is your first time to do business with that developer. If you've already established a connection with them through past deals, then there is no need to do background check on them. If they assign you a new hiree, however, you might want to ask for more information about him just to be sure.

Being able to deliver on time is also an important factor. This is part of being professional. If they can't keep their promise, you have a very good reason to go elsewhere next time. Try not to be too strict about mistakes, however-they are but humans too. Minor mistakes won't be hard to redeem. The important thing is that you get updated in every step of the project, that they repair the damage and still be able to finish on time (with some leeway if need be and if you approve so).

Extra Details
Some other details that should be looked into include the following:

Should you decide to transfer to another developer, your app should be readily and easily understood and edited by the next guy / s. Your app should be exactly like that now so that you won't run into problems in the future.

Your developer should make your app, as much as possible, not be too heavy such that it consumes too much power. Apps that drain batteries fast could annoy users, who might then choose to stop using it (ie delete it). Drum it in your developers' ears if you must.

Finally the developer should also able to make your app SEO-friendly.


Source by Alfie E Ethan