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I Need a Website For My Business! Free Website Advice to Find the Best Web Designer For Your Project


When it comes to getting your first website developed, there are a few things to consider. It doesn't matter if you own a plumbing, roofing, carpet cleaning company, or a professional service such as an attorney, dentist or chiropractor, the task of getting your first website designed can get really confusing really fast. Here are some basic tips that will make it a little easier to choose a web designer for your business.

The search for a designer

Finding a web designer is pretty easy to do. You can pick up just about any yellow page director, newspaper, or search the web to find a designer. You will most likely see terms like cheap web designer, affordable web sites, free website design tools, etc … but it doesn't mean that the web developer is good. The first thing you want to do is check out the portfolio. If a portfolio isn't available you may want to go to the next web designer. Next you need to contact two or three of the client's to measure their satisfaction with the web developers work. Next, set an appointment with at least 3 of the designers. (it does not matter if the appointment is via phone, web conference or in person). You are now ready to ask each company a few important questions about your design and web development project.

Important questions to ask the website designer

How long have you been in the web design business? If in business for less than two years, What are the most recent projects that your firm has completed. Can the website easily be updated? Things like content, photo, coupons, specials, etc …

When the site is complete, will I own the website? When your website is complete, ask to get it on disk, (website and database) or host it through GoDaddy, Blue host or any reputable hosting company.

How long is it going to take.?

How much is the project going to cost? What are my payment options?

It does not matter if your web designer is located in Atlanta GA, Dallas TX or Miami FL. These questions will apply.

Can the site be easily optimized for the search engines? (you don't want a total flash site or a site that is nothing but images)

This last question is very important. Will my site, title, descriptions, keyword tags be complete and relevant to my page content? (it's called on page optimization) If this isn't done correctly, your site will be nearly invisible to the major search engines.

This is not a hand book on how to select the right web designer for your web development project, but a few basic tips that will make choosing a website designer a lot less painful.


Source by Timothy Spruill