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How to Select A Graphic Designer


Everyone wants their product to be seen by and entice many customers. But how do you differentiate yourself above competitors? Design that captures your customers attention is the key, and is achieved by high quality graphic design.

Selecting the right graphic designer for your company might be a frightening job to undertake, particularly when you have no idea what to look out for. The web contains a vast collection of designers to pick from. Not to mention, many of us also know a young college student seeking to build their portfolio (I’ve been that individual.) It’s no wonder that choosing a designer appears to be an overwhelming task.

A great way the get started on choosing the perfect designer, is to begin an internet search for design in your industry. Say you are a doctor seeking designs for the office. You might search for something like “medical graphic design” or “medical web design”. You can also get more particular “pediatric website design” or “chiropractic web design”. This will assist you to find a designer who is skilled in designing for your particular niche.

At this point you might be saying, “I’ve checked out some great designs, however there are too many designers to choose from, so what’s next?” Art is in the eye of the beholder, which means deciding on a designer involves individual taste.

Listed below are some fundamental design elements that will assist as you look through portfolios:

How does their work make you feel? Does the designer’s work cause you to desire to purchase the item they are promoting? Have you been captivated to discover more information about a product determined by their design alone? In the design that you are reviewing you need to evaluate the degree to which the pieces cause an emotional response. It is usually an effective emotional response that make us want to take action or buy.

So how exactly does the designer present the message? Does the design flow in a way that you understand the message the designer is trying to get across? Or do you happen to be left puzzled? A great graphic designer understands how to deliver the message you are trying to express, in an efficient manner. The message ought to be simple and easy to understand.

Are the fonts attention getting and legible, or do you have to look at something several times to determine just what the word is? Does the type style complement the sentimental feel of the piece? Does is enable the information to jump out? The proper use of fonts is an extremely vital element of design. So important, that most designers must take a typography course in college. In the event you can’t understand some of the words on a design due to the artist’s utilization of “fancy” fonts, that designer is probably not an ideal match for you.

Does their work have drama? Drama involves the client, involves the client, keeps them gazing and recollecting long after they’ve seen the piece. This is another part of what produces attraction.

When you’ve taken the enough time to look at a graphic designer’s work portfolio which you feel is an excellent match, send them an email asking for more info. Take note of how long it takes the designer to respond to emails as this can be an indication of how busy they are, and often too busy can mean your project is put on the back burner. Be sure to request a turnaround time for your specific kind of project.

Choosing the best graphic designer to meet your company’s needs can be a simple process if you follow the suggestions outlined above.


Source by Cindy R