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How to Promote iPhone Apps?


App Store just approved your iPhone apps? Congratulations. But you also must remember that it is important to promote apps in every possible way. The success of your apps also depends on how well they are marketed. Here we discuss some of the ways to promote iPhone apps successfully.

  • App Review Site: After your apps has been approved by App Store, it is important to attract prospective customers with good reviews. Thus, submit your app to popular app review site and get review done by experts. Publish the links of these reviews in your personal website to promote them.
  • Newsletter Marketing: This is one of the most popular and effective way to promote your apps. Create an attractive newsletter and send to both your present and prospective customers as well. Make sure that your newsletter conveys the message in an apt way.
  • Interactive participation: With the growing popularity of iPhone Application development, there are numerous site dedicated and invites comments & views. Select websites matching your apps and discuss about your app and offer the link of your iPhone App so that you can make the best from flying users. Offer informative and simple answers to questions posted on website and discuss your newly developed apps in every possible way.
  • Social Networking: Announce your app with different social networking sites and let friends spread your latest creation with just few clicks on mouse.
  • Blogging: This is one of the best informal ways to promote your iPhone apps. Write a blog about your latest iPhone development and publish the same not only on your website but also on different type blogging sites. Make sure that you are submitting your blog to best possible available category.

Promoting your app is not a daunting task if done with proper marketing strategy. Keep your target audience in mind and your iPhone apps will be a great success.


Source by Amalendu Hajraa