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How To Look Out For Fraudulent SEO Businesses


With literally thousands of businesses choosing to go online to promote their products and services, the SEO industry is booming more than ever. However, it is an industry that is full of fraudulent dealers who want to take your money. It is not always easy to identify these people, but hopefully, this article will provide some insight into the types of dealers with which you should put a red flag on.

Fraudulent Dealer #1: The One Who Charges Too Much Or Too Little For Their Services

First of all, search engine optimization requires a lot of work in terms of researching key terms that people may use in searching for your business type, getting the right websites to link to your site, as well as submitting articles in order to get your website noticed. This is an intense process which takes place over a long period of time and it is a long-term investment for your online business and its success. Thus, if an SEO dealer is charging an exceptionally low price for their services, that should raise a red flag to you about the quality of their work. While the range of SEO services varies from business to business, anything less than $1000 per month should raise a red flag to you. SEO is an intense process which rightfully commands a high sum of money per month.

Conversely, charging too much should also raise a red flag to you. The SEO dealer should take into consideration the goals of the business owner. Unless they are a medium-sized business or a business that is looking to become global at some point in the near future, the SEO dealer should not charge anymore than $5,000 per month. Again, the range of SEO services varies from business to business, but anything more than that should raise a red flag.

As always, communicate with the SEO dealer and inquire about the prices as well as how they go about evaluating which of their packages is most suitable to their prospective clients.

Fraudulent Dealer #2: The One Who Can Guarantee Your Website Will Be On Page One Or One Who Can Guarantee A Major Increase In Rankings

Any business that makes a guarantee when it comes to results should always be given a red flag. SEO services are no exception to this rule. Getting to the top of any search requires patience, a solid knowledge of what search terms to use for your business, and obtaining the links and writing the articles to help you perform well in those terms. There’s also an element of fortune involved as what may be trending at the time can also influence whether your business is found.

There’s no shortcuts or special insider techniques that will get your site to the top of any search in a short period of time, even though many SEO dealers like to claim that they know these techniques. It takes hard work and patience to get to the top.

There are numerous scams and red flags when it comes to SEO. I wanted to use this article to highlight the top two scams that I believe you should look out for when choosing an SEO dealer to work with.


Source by Sohaib Azam, Esq