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How Much Time is Needed For a Perfect Logo Design?


Working towards building brand recognition and identity is a time consuming and sometimes costly strategy. Businesses need to act smarter upon such strategies and plan thoroughly. However, sometimes a fading plan or a new thought could make any business appraise their plans. At that time, they could decide to reinvent their representation all over. Then they hire designers and agencies to do the job, small businesses that do not have much funds can decide to act and hire services of a logo design company to change their logos, their webs design, and may be there brochures and banners as well.

Hasting in such important decisions could be harmful and sometimes may result adversely. Pressurizing professional designers to create designs quickly may result into useless ideas getting transformed. A quickly designed logo might look OK to some, but considering the importance of a logo in the making of a brand identity, perhaps it would be best if a logo designer is given enough time to come up with something that is right.

But then one might ask how much time is actually good enough for a perfect logo?

It depends on more than a few factors such as the capability and originality of the design artists you are working with. On the other hand, the capability and originality of the design artists can be further stimulated by providing them information about the niche of your business, what is it that you do and how you desire to be perceived. Sharing your previous logo design or your company’s previous artwork might help them speed up the procedure. Working together with the designer will also provide you a sneak peak into how your business appears to others and it helps the chance of finding that perfectly new idea for your future marketing strategy.

Your logo design service provider will assign your logo their designers who will then send you a few sample concepts for review; this is where you need to decide which one represents your business the best. Keeping in mind, the purpose of a quality logo design, this is to depict your business accurately in a positive style with an artistic sense.

Your logo should represent your business ethics, your business operation and traits. A good logo design helps you achieve client reliance and faithfulness. Also you should make sure that your logo is capable of fitting on different kind of mediums. Think how it would look inside your business premises, on your business card, on official stationery and how it would look on your marketing campaigns. If everything feels good, then you have found the right combination for your logo design. Later on you might want to discuss with your designer about using your logo design on different mediums so that they could provide you with scalable formats that could be resized when needed. For example you might want to get it printed on mugs, plastic bags, put it on your website or use it elsewhere.

So far we have talked about the specific features of a good logo design, but what about a bad logo? How do you identify a bad logo design and avoid using it?

A not so perfect or unsuitable logo design is the opposite of what you want to achieve. It would misrepresent your business and would fail to deliver the positive message that you want to convey. It may cause damage to your corporate identity and may scare your customers away.


Source by Claudia Winifred