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How Custom Web Design Can Help You Achieve Results


Okay so you’ve already made that first step by reading this article. You have obviously been contemplating the idea of getting some online exposure and are curious to know the next steps. You want to weigh up the benefits and any possible pitfalls along the way.

The World Wide Web was initially developed as an educational tool. It’s an encyclopaedia on almost anything and everything, from feline fanatics to dream dictionaries. When planning your custom web design you need to keep this in mind. It’s all well having a site that looks the part and catches the eye, however of key importance is that the content is relevant and optimised to not only read well, but rate highly in search engine results.

Firstly you need to find your target audience and what they would like to get from visiting your site. Put yourself in their shoes and decide what they would like to see, and what information they would like to get and take away from their browsing experience. This could be a product, a service, contact details, information about the company or the personal web owner, specialist advice or interesting facts. Again, education is the key to promoting your webpage.

Before your custom web design gets up and online you next need to know your own knowledge base and capabilities. A lot of new web designers are great at planning some of the best designed websites, however don’t have adequate knowledge of HTML coding or Search Engine Optimisation principles. Or vice versa, a developer that is fully proficient in many coding languages, can have little or no design experience. This is not always the case but is worth considering. Quality web design isn’t something that just involves being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it is something that works, is navigable and simplifies the viewer’s journey, enabling them to meet their desired outcome.

So what are the next steps before you venture out and begin your master plan? You should familiarise yourself with the competition, learn the processes online or through a mentor and again educate yourself as well as others, plan your marketing strategy, seek professional consultation or chat to friends that own websites. Just remember that if you want to do something, anything is achievable if you have the time, focus and commitment.

One major aspect must always be noted and that is a websites shouldn’t be created and then forgotten about. It needs to be treated like an employee; be nurtured, promoted and developed.


Source by Darren Lee Hayward