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Graphic Design Introduction – What Is Graphic Design?


Each one of us has a message that he wants to convey. But oftentimes we encounter barriers that hinder us from getting in touch with one another. The biggest challenge is getting through to people you do not personally know. This is problem is almost always met by business that need to sell their products and services to a huge number of consumers to be able to realize their purpose of increasing owner’s and shareholder’s wealth. With the onset of the internet and introduction of cyberspace a new dimension in which a business has better chances of getting in touch with consumers has been born. But with the many others competing for the attention of internet users the need for visual appeal grew and a new means of communication called Graphic Design emerged.

Graphic Design is the systematic combination of art and technology to be able to capture the interest of viewers to influence them to take the time to check the message you want to be told. It includes the use of paintings, photos, computerized images and even simple letters and numbers made in a different way or arranged in a certain fashion. After decades of existence the internet has become a place plagued with scammers and other fraudulent entities that have made the internet surfers cautious and skeptical. The appearance of an online advertisement, banner, or website is the first thing people check to decide if they should take the message seriously or not. This medium of communication can either be image based or type based.

Image Based Graphic Design

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This line has served as the inspiration of design that revolves around the use of images to convey a message. Human beings by instinct have a certain vulnerability to images as they then to leave an impression to the human mind. Everything a person knows about the object of the image are automatically recalled when he sees it. This is why the designer tries to use an image to convey the entirety of the message. Many techniques can be used to make the image unique.

Type Based Graphic Design

This method uses the traditional numbers, letters, and symbols in a not so traditional way in order to capture the attention of the target readers while still clearly sending the desired message. Designers specializing in this field treat the way the words look just as valuable as the meaning they possess. The arrangement of the words and their placement also provide significant impact. The words or their components also need not be necessarily static. They can also be animated in a variety of ways to better captivate the internet user to read them. The more relevant the animation to the message the better most readers will take them seriously.

Image and Type Based Design

Images and words can also be combined to better represent the message of the designer. The ratio of the image to the words can vary. They can be equal or one can be dominant.


Source by Nikki Adams