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Google Instant – A Boon Or Bane for SEO?


With search engine conglomerate Google launching advanced searching tool named Instant, Google instant is the talk of the town now. The basics of search results are still the same; it’s only the path of getting relevant results which is changed now. Now it will instantly show the updated results as you type your search query. All the predicted search results will be displayed in a drop-down box.

With Google instant:-

Searching has become smarter

Users have to type less

Get instant results

Saves time to get the relevant info

Trade analysts have called Google Instant as the fundamental shift in search methodology. The search result will be available 2 to 5 seconds faster. There is no doubt that it will provide a better search experience for the users. But at the same time, there is speculation in the SEM community over the impact of new search methods on keyword advertising. Will Google Instant kill the concept of SEO? Well, that’s too early to say. The ranking processes still remain the same and websites are still received their ranks as they did before.

However, there are concerns over the search availability. With results coming up in Google instant as the search phrase is typed in, there is high chance of users not required to complete the entire key phrase while searching. If it happens, it could be a real issue for websites who follow long tail traffic. They got to even rank the generic keywords higher for better search availability.

But then search engine optimization experts and analysts can’t afford to sit still and they need to revamp their online strategy. They can optimize the partial queries now or can generate any latest and unique techniques to stay ahead in the search engine race. All the SEM strategists need to do is to hit the right place at the right time so that their search results will be available at higher ranks.


Source by Sasmita Panda