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Free Logo Design


Free logo designs are simply not worth. They are like Frankenstein trying to sell his monster for free! Besides this free logos are probably some online guys putting large fonts and clip art through an out-dated software and claiming it to be a worthy logo. Most of the time these logos are infringed and breaking trademark policies. However, a major problem with free logos and free logo websites is that they are developed by marketers and not professional designers that know how to make a good logo. They want to make money and not necessarily provide quality that the client asks for.

The free logos are basically off the shelf and not original, many other people would be using this logo. You would certainly not want to represent your product with a common and infringed logo. Trademark lawyers are very keen on originality of a logo. For proper brand protection it’s highly crucial to trademark your logo. You need not to loose this protection by purchasing a free logo.

Furthermore, the free logo is probably a bitmat low resolution image only. Such bitmat images are not suitable for website usage and certainly not for print usage. Free logos do not provide a vector format which is essential for printers to operate. Free business logo designs are a waste of time and effort. The worst aspect of this entire process is that even though you have a free logo, it costs you a lot of money in the end than it would have if you had bought a custom designed logo.


Source by Takemi Abe