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Free Logo Design For Your Corporate Identity – Is it the Right Option?


A logo can play a dominant branding role in representing your organization’s profile and the nature and attitude of your business. Can a free logo design be the right option when it comes to your corporate identity?

A stunning logo can really help you to build the identity of your company in any competitive industry. All successful organizations understand this aspect quite well and that is why they spend a lot of money and effort in making sure they have an outstanding and unique logo; which would be valued and honoured by their people and stakeholders. They also have set an example and promoted their traditions in building a strong corporate identity through logo and other branding elements.

The reason to explain to you this importance is to address the issue of free logo which is the most favoured option for many upcoming businesses and startups. If you are going to have a free logo design, then do you have the surety that it will really benefit you in the long term and give you an edge when it comes to branding scenarios?

The usual way to get a logo is by a logo design firm which offers several packages customized to your needs, a freelancer, or you can get it free by downloading some software or a logo template and mash it up on your own to produce a logo for your firm.

The majority of the best logos contributed to the world are created by professional logo design firms where expert designers and quality assurance confirms the standard and creativity to the best of their craft from the functionality and effectiveness viewpoint. Remember, a logo is not just a good looking graphical object, but it is a symbol of you in the marketplace. Whether it appears on your letterhead, business cards or website it has to carry your corporate personality. These days small businesses and startups are gradually inclined towards design firms as they come with attractive and easy on the pocket packages; where you not only get your logo design in vector formats (rather than jpeg which has very limited functionality). You can also get the complete ownership and copyrights of the logo design to confirm that nobody else can copy it. The packages offer you your branding solution with great flexibility and convenience. Just like if you pay the firm to get your logo you will also get free letterhead design, banner design or business cards. Another very good option is if you want to get your website designed, then it is possible that they will do a free design for you.

Template based free options sounds a fun sort of thing and might not give you that amazing or wow factor to your corporate brand. You can do a comparison of free and by professional logo design firms; you will then see the difference.

Last but not least, when competition is intense tight budgets are a constraint but you still have to boost up the marketability of your business. Do think of a small investment to get your logo designed by a professional and experienced firm. And yes, do your research regarding logo design firms and compare the quality and prices before finalizing your decision.


Source by Claudia Winifred