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ERP Development With Flex


ERP is a basic need of all organizations to manage all business processes in a faster and better way. ERP is a tool, which goes through a number of technical processes, such as company’s data gets into a single database, through which decisions are made, based on processes within an organization. A number of technologies are used to make ERP solutions; however, Adobe Flex is the most popular technology to make efficient ERP system for a company. Flex, on the other hand, is based on four components such as Adobe Action Script, MXML, Adobe Flash Player, and Flex SDK. All these components take care of better user-interface, which is a primary goal of an ERP system.

Advantages of Flex to make ERP solutions:Given below are some advantages of Flex development if businesses use it to create their ERP system:

  • Adobe’s Flex developments are based on client-end technologies. Adobe Flex developers can merge these technologies with other server-related technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS3, ASP.NET, Java and many more.
  • Since Adobe’s Flex supports 3D animations, the developers can indulge in creating multimedia effects for the ERP system. This function would add better user interface and better user experience. It is however better to mention here that 3D is considered the future of web development, so Flex developers need to upgrade their skills on this platform.
  • With the advent of outsourcing industrial, business houses have started to outsource their projects to offshore companies. The developments of Flex as a strong software making platform also stem from this expansion. Flex applications are supported by a group of skilled programmers.
  • Most of the Flex applications for ERP are built on the platform of web. For this reason, the ERP system of an enterprise can be run on any browser, but the system would require some components such as Adobe AIR and Flash Player. Since it can be integrated with server technologies like ASP.NET, Java, and PHP, the ERP system can fetch real-time data within various departments of an organization.
  • Adobe Flex has high-end potential to make online dashboards which is very handy for the webmasters to build easy and efficient library. For data analysis, these developments gives you scope for graph presentation and charts.
  • With Adobe Flex developments, Flex developers can enjoy a unique platform to build customized components to suit ERP model. These custom built components include drill-down feature, content rollever etc.
  • Since Flex is written in Adobe Action Script, it provides high-end interactivity to the ERP applications. It also controls integration of other Flex applications.
  • Adobe Flex applications for ERP comes with an automated bug-testing tool, which eliminates all bugs within the software, the moment they occur. This feature decreases time and money and at the same time, increases its usability.


Source by Ishita Ganguly