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Developing an Ideal Concept for Your Logo


Via the use of a flag, mark, signature or symbol the logo sets an identity to a brand or its product. Even though logos don’t directly sell the company neither does it describe the business, what they do is drive through the quality of the product it symbolizes and not the other way round. Logos are the real identity of a brand; therefore before you embark on logo design, you have to understand what a logo really is and what its function is.

A logo defines a brand or its product in the simplest way. After a logo becomes familiar by the public eye it must be noted that its function also gets familiar by the people, alike how people’s name is used to identify them.

An ideal logo is very simple and understandable in form having practical, appropriate and easy message which showcases the point very distinctively.

There are many concepts to follow to land a hit logo design, but a lot of creativity and concentration is required for it. There are many ways to get to the concept of a logo but a design should firmly follow the basic rules. The designer’s first job is to develop an initial idea and to communicate whether it’s film, ad, product, service, marketing campaign or a storyboard. You have to learn to transfer your client’s request into a very distinctive concept.

To get the ideal concept for your logo design there are two basic principles governing the art of logo designing; imagination and concept, we may get several ideas and each one will require a different direction to bring them to life. It’s natural to pop up with questions when coming up with ideas like,’ How will I make the right logo, by which decision? “How long will it take to get the logo completed?” Will my client like it? Will it be a hit? Etc. As Marty Neumeier quoted for the Brand Gap, ‘First, get the right idea and second? Get the idea right!’ A designer must focus on what he/she can do to tap into their creative zones and the likelihood of achieving that goal.

The good think about Logo art is that it doesn’t have to be literal, if you designed a jaw for a dentist, canon lens for a photographer, hearts and bubbles for dating sites, buildings for retailers and good looking, glossy people to represent a team work, you are NOT the first one! These ideas are overused and over-rated and too mainstream. These clichés won’t help you distinguish one brand from another. Think outside your ‘Box’ and evaluate designs then select the idea that takes a different angle.

All you have to do is to take your good time, think clear and outside the box!


Source by David Finecott