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Designing the Right Logo for Your Business


With all the marketing that you do for your business, your logo will always be at the centre. Having the right logo is vital as it is what clients will remember, at a glance it will be the thing that makes your business stand out and be recognisable, and a good logo will stand for your business philosophy. Your logo can be printed on all of your business stationary, on your company vehicle, on shopping bags, on billboards and within other media advertisements, on your website, and even on your building itself. A business logo not only represents your business, it makes customers feel secure knowing that your business is professional and you are serious about the service you offer. A logo can include your business name, your company message or stand alone as a recognisable image.

The Importance and Function of Logos

A logo has several functions within a business. As well as customers being able to identify with your brand it is fantastic promotion, and helps make your business credible. A good design is the first step. Establishing the right logo for your business is something that you should take time doing, and if you can afford it, an area where you should invest a bit of money to develop an effective design. There is a huge difference between a good and bad logo, and one that reaches out to clients. It needs to be something that is remembered, is eye catching and is relevant to your product or service. Customers need to relate to your product when they see your business logo. Once developed your logo should be placed on all of your businesses stationary and advertising, within your website and outgoing emails, and will hopefully become a recognised symbol.

Characteristics of a Good Logo

Your business logo should include the following:

Aesthetic Appeal: A simple logo is often the best as customers will remember it and it will be easier to read if the font is fairly plain. Choose colours that are appealing and a design that people can identify with.

Business Philosophy: Your logo should identify with the philosophy of your business. If your business has something to do with the corporate world then a conservative and business like logo would be more appropriate. If you run a children’s clothes and accessories store then something cute and appealing for mothers is the right choice.

Cost: How much you can spend on your logo design will depend entirely on your business and your budget. It is wise, however, to not scrimp on your logo in favour of directing funds to other areas. Weigh up what is important and necessary for your business but dedicate enough funds as you possibly can towards your logo design. Your design must be cost effective but it is going to be stamped on everything coming out of your business and will become your business identifier. You must get it right.

Make it Your Own: For good logo design choose a company that will allow you to make changes to their ideas, and if necessary allow you several drafts. Your logo needs to reflect your business perfectly.


Source by Peter A Philips