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Custom Website Design – Don’t Be Another Brick In The Wall, Opt for Custom Website Design


If you want to be another brick in the wall, opt for free templates to make your website design. But with custom website design you have the freedom to make your own home the way you want it. Opting for templates to design your website is like a person living in a building with 100 similar ones around him. But with custom website design you are making a house that is unique and as per your taste and will. Not the one that is ready in an apartment and just need to go and stay there.

Similarly when you design a website for your company just don’t follow what others have done. Listen to your own mind; decide what will be best for your business, in terms of design, construction, navigation, tone of the language etc. Once you fix on this, now you are ready to hire an interactive media to make the website or hire some designers to do it for you. But keep in mind to ask for their suggestions as well. As they are more experienced than you in this field, they are the right person to guide you, but you don’t need to take anything and everything that they provide to you. You need to be smart here and choose things that you need and that will be good for your business.

Initially you will be briefing your designer on the planning and strategy you have made for your website. Then the designer will come up with different options of the layout of home page and inner pages. Now you need to select which one is the best for your company. Once you like the design, then ask the designer to work on the same but if you need a little alteration on other parts of the layout, get that too done. So only in custom website design you get such freedom to change the layout, make small or big alterations etc. And when it a template you don’t have other option.

Other than the design and layout of the website you got to play very important role in other aspects of your website. Did you plan on the navigation part of your website? The tone in which you communicate to your customers or visitors? On the sections that would come upfront on the home page? If not make sure you include all these in your planning and strategy. As an owner of a company you will be proud to see something online that connects with you at the end of the day.

And the most important part of custom website design is that you can keep on breaking and designing your construction as long as you are not satisfied. Once all the aspects of your website are as per your wish and requirement you can take the call to go live. Do you think you would get to involve so much when using a readymade template, you would but it will be very limited. But with custom website design you won’t be another brick in the wall.


Source by Sandy Rowley