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Brute Force SEO Evo 2 Comprehensive Review


Brute Force SEO Evo 2 is the name of the latest incarnation of Peter Drew’s software that automates search engine optimisation for your websites.

The software is basically a collection of modules that are presented with a wizard style interface. The new version of Brute Force SEO Evo 2 is certainly a lot more attractive to look at than the previous version. Additionally the new look makes the software much easier to use.

When you first open up the software the first thing you do is create a number of accounts at various static sites, The software automates this with its captcha filling and confirmation of emails. The captcha filling is not perfect at all times and sometimes you have to do one manually. However, the fact is that a load of accounts at RSS aggregators, social bookmarking sites, social networking sites and video sites are created in hours less than it would take to do it manually. It is clever stuff.

Following on from that you work your way through the wizard creating links at a large number of other sites. You have to enter one or two details and load up an article that you want to use. Basically though Brute Force EVO 2 does all the work. You can just sit back and do something else whilst it works away.

One of the really clever things built into the software is that it links your site submissions together using the keywords that you have entered. In other words Brute Force SEO Evo 2 creates a clever linkwheel that will benefit your site in the search engines.

Some criticisms? Yes, as I mentioned above not all of the captchas work every time and the software takes a couple of hours to run. However, it creates the backlinks you need and of course these will be indexed by Google over time. This means that you can expect your site to creep up the search engine rankings over a period of a few weeks.

So is Brute Force SEO Evo 2 for you? It’s not the cheapest piece of software around but the time savings it creates are simply huge. In a couple of hours you will have achieved what might have taken 30 hours to do before. It is like having a permanent assistant doing all the boring stuff for you. If you want your sites to appear on the front page of Google quickly it is essential.


Source by Rachela Manchester