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Best PHP Development Practices That Developers Should Follow


PHP can be described as a general purpose feature rich scripting language that is used to develop web applications or intranet or internet apps. Being such a popular language dominating the software market, there are various ways to program in PHP. But with various options in hand, at times it becomes difficult for PHP developers to start coding to create effective business solutions. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the best practices that a PHP development company can follow.

Configuration and setup: It is a fact that a very small number of PHP website development installs is kept current. This may be due to shared hosting or time limits or even budget. The best practice is to use a current version of PHP and schedule a regular upgrade of both PHP itself and any extensions that are in use. Upgrading to the latest version always helps to avail new features, lower memory usage, enhance security and improve the speed of the application. So the more frequently you upgrade, the less painful it is to maintain the application.

Use composer: The best practice to write modern PHP eCommerce development apps is to write less of it. Though you may be tempted to write all the codes by yourself, but there are various problems that have already been sorted in the PHP space like routing, unit conversion, data abstraction layers and etc. significant portions of the problems are already written and tested. Composer is a package manager for PHP that allows you to define a Jason file that helps you to list your code requirements and resolves them by downloading the essential code bundles.

Follow good designing principles: SOLID is the acronym used for the first five object oriented design principles. These principles make it easy for PHP developers to create applications that are easy to maintain and extend. They also make it easy for the developers to avoid code smells, easily refactor code and are also a part of the adaptive or agile software development.

Objective calisthenics: This provides a good value for PHP website development and can be immediately applied to any code base. Always maintain only one level of indentation per method and this is the best way to decompose methods into smaller chunks. If you have more levels of indentation, then you have to keep track of them more accurate while working with it. PHP developers should try not to use "ELSE" as it deals with two main ideas. The first one is multiple return statements from a method and the second one is an idea known as the Guard Clauses. Any nested loops often make the structure of the code harder to follow.

Unit testing: This is a practice of writing small tests that can verify the behavior of your code. They are written in PHP and are intended to run fast at any time. Unit testing helps to ensure that your code is exactly performing the way you think and it can also provide a very useful design feedback. There are various unit testing tools and the most common is the PHPUnit.


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