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Benefits of Mambo and Joomla Hosting


A dedicated CMS or content management system is essential for large websites which contain numerous directories and databases. The CMS is also required for organizing data output systems and internal email. Joomla and Mambo hosting systems are the most popular CMSs today. They have in fact won awards and have risen to be powerful forces in the industry.

The history of these two Content management systems is interlinked. They were both developed by the Mambo team. In 2005 the main developers of Mambo left the team on account of differences regarding development. After the split these core developers created Joomla.

There are countless benefits of using the Joomla and Mambo hosting. They are free and open source content managers that also help users to upload content on their websites. Joomla's parts are so designed that it allows integrations and extensions to attach to it with ease. These include background extensions like plugins which make Joomla functional and replete with a plethora of options for the user. The Mambo hosting has almost the same features as Joomla because Joomla is really another version of Mambo with some minor variations.

Since they are popular CMSs they have large fan followings and community memberships- both formal and informal. Joomla and Mambo hosting are hence large CMSs which have the capability of offering two directional text support. This useful feature is not found in small content management systems.

This feature enables companies to upload website content in a language that is widely spoken in a region. Their largeness and open source feature also enables them to furnish users with many beneficial services like informal plugins, add-ons, web templates, extensions and freelance customization facilities.

Content managers like Joomla and Mambo can support almost endless types of extensions. The official record of Joomla extensions is an amazing 2100 extensions. This ensures that a web master can modify the content management system to meet the specific need of the organization in a better and efficacious manner.

These content managers are the usual choices in the content management industry so they provide a common platform for programmers for effecting modifications. One programmer may attach extensions to a web venue using Joomla or Mambo and another programmer can very easily take up the task from that point. The need for incorporating any changes so that the second programmer can continue work is eliminated because there is only one CMS platform. Companies and programmers can work faster. Work may also be outsourced to outside freelance programmers or organizations. This is advantageous to the open-source community also.

Joomla and Mambo is certainly a vital and integral part of large websites that need content managers for efficient working. They are of a very high standard. They serve as a bench mark for developers creating new content management systems. Their mind boggling features and innumerable benefits have made them the superstars of the content management industry. No wonder newer content managers are unable to match up to them. Joomla and Mambo hosting are likely to continue as the dominating forces in the market for a long time.


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