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Backlinks – Search Engine Optimization Guide That Will Make Your Traffic Go Crazy!


Do you understand the power of backlinks? No, do you truly understand? Well I have a search engine optimization guide here for you that will show you how to get crazy traffic to your website. Make sure that read this entire article to learn all the dirty tricks!

The Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Before we get into the exciting bits let me make sure that you appreciate a few basic SEO techniques. The concept of getting your website to “rank” is theoretically quite simple. You provide quality content and then attract enough backlinks to be seen as an authority.

In reality, this is a slow process. If you want to see any good results now rather than later, you need to be constantly building backlinks. Yes, I did say, you building backlinks! As much as people would like you to believe, not many website owners will link to your site naturally.

The Reason For Aggressively Building Backlinks

To get value from this search engine optimization guide, you need to understand that building backlinks is going to be key to your success or failure. If you are focusing on low competition keywords then you do not need to worry too much about aggressively building backlinks.

However if you are looking for highly competitive terms then you need to build many links. You can read as many different SEO techniques as you want, but the bottom line is this, you need quality content and backlinks.

Not All Backlinks Are Built The Same

In this search engine optimization guide, I want to make sure you understand that you need a certain type of backlinks, are you with me?

In many cases it is more important to get the best quality of links rather than the highest quantity, does that make sense?

When you search online you come across well known sites that are virtually household names, but how did they get that way? and surely they had to start from scratch? The answer is they did have to start from scratch, building backlinks just like you. However they have also built “authority” over time.

What is “authority”? Well, that basically means that their websites are “trusted”. With this trust, they have been rewarded with high search engine rankings for competitive terms.

Your task is to gather as many of these “authority” backlinks as possible. It is a simple case of, the person with the most quality content and backlinks wins the search engine optimization game and gets massive traffic, do not underestimate the power of this guide if you want some crazy traffic.


Source by Wayne Vassell