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Authentication, Authorization In ASP.Net 2.0


For a very long time, the web developers have been putting a lot of efforts to implement the authentication and authorization in a web application. It used to requires a lot of knowledge and also a lot of coding and testing effort. This was also the case in ASP.Net 1.0. But with the release of the ASP.Net 2.0, all these things have changed.

To implement the authentication and authorization in a web application, you can use the in build features of ASP.Net 2.0. You can use the ready made login controls. There are five in build login controls in ASP.Net 2.0. They can be used to create a new user, to authenticate an existing user, to change the password of an user, to retrieve the password for an user, and sign out a logged in user. All these controls have a lot of cool, features and you can also customize them as per your needs. These controls also offer advance level customization through template implementation. These controls will fulfill most of your needs that is required to implement the authentication feature in your web application.

Authorization implementation is also very simple in ASP.Net 2.0. You can use the in build role management functionality of ASP.Net 2.0. You need not to have to worry about the minute details. Just add the member to an appropriate role and the ASP.Net authorization mechanism will do the rest for you.

All the above features requires the database tables and all these tables are automatically created for you by the .Net framework. You can find the details about these tables on Microsoft website.

Thus you can save a lot of time and effort by using the ready made ASP.Net


Source by Pravin Singh