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ASP.NET and It's Effectiveness in Developing Applications


As a web application development platform, ASP.NET makes it easier for developers to rapidly build robust, interactive and scalable websites and internet applications. Microsoft recently released a completely redesigned version of this technology with several new features and enhancements. In addition to being open source and cross-platform, ASP.NET 5 enables developers to create high-performing applications for both internet and cloud. The developers can further avail the new features to reduce the time and efforts required for creating modern applications.

Why ASP.NET 5 will speed-up Development of Modern Applications?

Cross-Platform Runtime

Microsoft has completely revamped ASP.NET by adding the cross-platform support. This implies that the applications will now run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. While executing it, the programmers have option to choose from three distinct runtimes, ie, Full.NET CLR, Core CLR, and cross-platform CLR. Full.NET CLR is the default runtime for Visual Studio projects, whereas Core CLR is lean, modular and cloud optimized runtime. At the same time, cross-platform CLR is the runtime that supports application devilment for Linux and Mac OS X.


ASP.NET 5 enables developers to use a unified core framework for Web Forms, MVC and Web API. The unified core framework is called MVC 6. So the programmers can now use MVC 6 to create applications by availing the features of three distinct programming frameworks. The unified framework further eliminates the chances of duplication or overlapping of features of different programming frameworks. The developers can further use the single framework to avoid writing different code.

Easy Cloud Deployment

As noted earlier, ASP.NET 5 makes it easier for developers to build applications for both web and cloud. Visual Studio 2015 replaces the web.config file with a new environment configuration system. So these projects can be configured for cloud-deployment from the beginning. The new environment configuration system allows developers to request named values ​​from XML, JSON, environment variable and other sources. The developers can specify the values ​​for each environment, and check the accuracy of values ​​after deployment. At the same time, they can also use the diagnostic and tracing tools to identify the factors affecting the application's performance in the cloud.

Agile Development Environment

The dedicated ASP.NET development professionals can use Visual Studio 2015 experience a lightweight and improved development. They are not required to rebuild the project after making changes to the code. They can simply save the changes in the code, and refresh the web browser to see the changes. The programmers also have option to simplify the coding process by integrating code editors with the project.

Improved HTTP Request Pipeline

The most recent version of ASP.NET also comes with a new HTTP request pipeline. Along with being lean and fast, the new HTTP request pipeline is also modular. So the programmers can add only the components required by the application. The option makes it easier for them to optimize the application's performance by reducing the overhead in the HTTP request pipeline.

Flexible Hosting

These applications can be further deployed more flexibly. The users have option to self host the application or deploy it on IIS. As the hosting no longer depends on system installation of.NET, the application will run smoothly on any device or hosting platform. The developers can simply decide the most appropriate host, and deploy the project on it.

Simplified Dependency Management

While deploying the application, the programmers can define the dependencies in the deployment package. So they can easily specify the particular version of.NET used by each application. They can further manage the dependencies in a lightweight manner without adding assembly references to the project. Instead of adding assembly references to the project, they can manage the dependencies more efficiently by referencing NuGet packages. They can further add and edit the NuGet Packages without any hassle.

As an open source web application development framework, ASP.NET 5 can be used by businesses without increasing the project cost. At the same time, the developers have option to run this version on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. So the programmers can use the most recent version to create modern applications without putting any extra time and effort.


Source by Pujit Kaul